Restaurants in Stara Zagora

If you like eating out, then Bulgaria is just the perfect destination for you.The country literally abounds in eating establishments of every class and type, from sophisticated gourmet restaurants to casual diners and stake houses.

The pizza parlours and the Chinese restaurants are around every corner, the fish restaurants reign over the sea coast and the riverside of the Danube, but nothing beats the traditional Bulgarian taverns where you will have the incredible chance to taste the country's best dishes and wines. Most restaurants are open every day from say 11a.m. until midnight.


Tiffany is one of the largest restaurants in Stara Zagora, a veteran and a preferred venue for weddings, family celebrations and bigger gatherings. The space is convenie...


Uniqato restaurant is a part of a hotel and restaurant complex located in the heart of Stara Zagora. It features a main salon and an attractive summer garden. Uniqato ser...